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Articles by Phil Surratt

Dick this is the perfect place for each Guest Author Biography. So have Phil write up a good one with a nice head shot (can be linked to his business website) for the lead paragraph and others of him fishing (can be linked to other online articles he has written) and having fun.It should be at least 300 words long.

Phil Surratt Professional Experience

Where he has worked and his professional experience; where he works now; a link to his business bio if he has one.

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Be sure he includes his contact information. We can even link this through a Contact Page so his email address is not public. In like fashion to your contact page I built for you.

Have him write it as a third party so he can use his name as a keyword for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and use it in the title or sub headings (as I did above) and several times in the bio.

Internal links to other pages on your site, as well as, external links to other sites are important to have on every page of your site.

Phil Surratt – Current Articles

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